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Here you can find all press releases that has been published by Jaaz company.

CelloHost.com closure

(Warsaw, 11 March 2018) Jaaz Portal Ltd. has decided to discontinue the CelloHost.com brand and has today closed the service to the public.

EUDCA Membership

(London, 4 December 2017) Jaaz Portal Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have joined the European Data Centres Association (EUDCA). This represents the interests of the European commercial data centre operators’ community, both politically and commercially.

Bishesh joins Jaaz

(London, 24 October 2017) It is our pleasure to announce that Bishesh Guragain has joined Jaaz Portal Limited in the role of Financial Director.

SEISmic Investment

(London, 22 September 2017) Jaaz Portal Limited is proud to announce that it has received SEIS Advance Assurance from the British Government. In practice, this means that any British taxpayer investing in the company will be returned half the amount as tax relief.

Business Plan

(London, 7 August 2017) Jaaz Portal Ltd. has published the final version of its Business Plan. The company is aiming for a total investment of £154 000, with a predicted Return on Investment of 128%.

Web Hosting Forum

(Warsaw, 25 May 2017) Jaaz Portal Ltd has joined the Web Hosting Talk Forum, an informal organisation of web hosting providers and individual users from all over the world. The company looks forward to a fruitful cooperation and expansion of their partners’ network.

London calling...

(London, 7 March 2016) Jaaz company has opened a subsidiary in London, UK. A new company - Jaaz Portal Limited - will be focused purely on developing their flagship product Jaaz Portal, an ultimate, out-of-the-box, automated web hosting solution for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers.

New Project: DomainHostel24.com

Warsaw, Poland (October 25, 2016) Jaaz company has started a work on new project DomainHostel24.com. It is a project that will make possible for anyone to rent his Internet domain to the general public. With few click of the mouse users will be able to create complete web hosting businesses.

Beta Tests

Warsaw, Poland (Sept 3, 2016) Jaaz company has launched beta tests of their web-hosting service CelloHost.com. CelloHost.com is the first company that is deploying its flagship product, Jaaz Portal.

Jaaz Alliance

Warsaw, Poland (July 29, 2016) Will the little players of web hosting market share the fate of small shops ousted by the Giants or do they stand a chance against them? Today the Jaaz Company will provide you with an answer to that question.


Warsaw, Poland (July 18, 2016) Jaaz Company has launched a new web domain. CelloHost.com will become a hosting place designated for average and unskilled users of social networks and bloggers that want to have their own website.

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Jaaz Portal aims to be wix.com like web hosting solution licensed also as Open Source.

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