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We are proud to announce that Jaaz Portal Ltd. will be participating in the upcoming 2018 InnoShare event. The conference will take place in Warsaw on June 27-29.

InnoShare is a global congress for scientists, R&D startups & SMEs, business experts, key opinion-makers and innovation enthusiasts who would like to learn more about the prospects in Poland and network with companies and university representatives with a view to potential collaboration.

Jaaz is focused on creating the ultimate web hosting solution to be installed in data centers and web hosting companies around the globe. With a fresh user interface comparable to that of wix.com it will offer the ultimate experience to both end-users and companies looking to license the product.

“The event in Warsaw is a perfect opportunity to learn what our company has to offer and perhaps foster some enduring business connections”, states Marcin Gregorczyk, company secretary.

About Us

Jaaz Portal aims to be wix.com like web hosting solution licensed also as Open Source.

Contact Details

Telephone:+44 2039 0554 98
Email: info@jaaz.co.uk
Website: jaaz.co.uk

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In next four years there will be 26 millions new web sites. To be profitable we need to capture 0.067% of the market.