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Project Overview

Jaaz Portal Ltd. is a UK-based software house with its R&D centre in Warsaw, Poland. The company is focused on the development of a complete, out-of-the-box web-hosting solution for individuals, organisations and commercial entities that will also be licensed as Open Source.

While it is web-hosting based project, we are not merely another web-hosting company. Besides providing web-hosting service to individuals, we want to sell it as a product on the per user scheme.

Management Team

Jaaz Portal Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Polish company Jaaz, which has been operating on the Polish market since 1998. During this period, we have gained extensive experience through working with a huge range of satisfied customers.

Our secretary will be Jaaz CEO Marcin Gregorczyk, while our director will be Artur Radosz, who has previously worked with corporations such as Orange Poland, the Polish Mint and PZU Insurance Group.

Customer Problem

We want to offer a highly integrated web-hosting and portal service designed for unskilled average Facebook or Blogger users. We also want to license this solution to other companies operating on web hosting market. We plan the Free Edition as the Open Source.

Products & Services

For individual customers, we will offer a platform to create and maintain portals for personal, community or business uses. For web-hosting vendors which are currently focused on hardware renting, we will offer this platform for license, so they will also be able to compete on the mass market of individual users.

Target Market

We are targeting English, German and Polish speaking users of social networks that want to have their own professional internet portals. Besides individuals, we will also offer a solution for formal and informal organizations, NGO's and enterprises. We will also license our platform to other small businesses that are currently dominating the web hosting and ISP markets.

Business Model

We will monetize our service through monthly fees but will also offer a banner space for internal and external customers. We will also monetize commercial versions of pictures provided as a content delivered by Getty Images and others. In sector of corporate customers we will license our solution to other vendors active on web hosting and Internet Service Providers markets.

Customer Segments

The number of websites will grow in next four years by 26 millions. We need just 13 600 customers to bring net profit of 2 380 000 Euro. It is just 0.05% of the total growth in this sector.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

We will use Internet marketing as our primary tool for looking for new customers. In addition we will create banners subsystem through which our customers will be promoting ourselves on all our sites hosted on Jaaz Portal system.


The web hosting companies operating on this segment of Internet market are usually offering solutions that need a high level of Internet knowledge. They are offering virtual or dedicated server that needs deep understanding of the Internet. To own a site you usually need to hire team of specialists for its creation and maintenance.

Competitive Advantage

We will offer plenty of easy to use and manage components like news system, user and content management, Internet forums, work groups, petitions, Internet shop, micro invest platform and reservation systems. Everything will be easy to use and manageable through highly integrated management console without any professional skills being required.

Business Plan

If you want to receive full Business Plan and our Pitch Deck please contact us!

About Us

Jaaz Portal aims to be wix.com like web hosting solution licensed also as Open Source.

Contact Details

Telephone:+44 2039 0554 98
Email: info@jaaz.co.uk
Website: jaaz.co.uk

Invest now!

In next four years there will be 26 millions new web sites. To be profitable we need to capture 0.067% of the market.