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Jaaz company is looking for serious investors ready to invest in our new Jaaz Portal project. Invest in the future, today!

We are a small software house established in London, UK with an R&D center in Warsaw, Poland. Through this, we can provide cutting-edge services at a minimal price.

In March 2017, we started work on our flagship project - the Jaaz Portal - which will be a highly integrated portal and a web-hosting service dedicated to average Facebook or Blogger users, and also licensed as open source.

We see a huge potential in this project as, over the next four years, the web hosting market will grow by 26 000 000 new websites and with them, they will see many new customers. To be profitable, we need to capture 0.067% of the market.

Currently, we are looking for seed investment of £161 000 in the SEIS investment scheme for a 9.1% share in our company. If we will be successful in launching our product, then we will be calling for the second round of £300 000 in the second year offering you another 9.1% of the share. If you are interested in hearing more about this unique investment opportunity, please contact us now!

Investing in us will mean you’re eligible for SEIS tax relief!

Investing in Web Hosting

You might ask yourself the question, if web hosting is as old as the Internet, is there still a space for me and my investment? Based on our years of knowledge of the industry, we’ve created a summary that provides comprehensive answers to commonly asked questions such as: How much is web hosting worth? How significant is the predicted growth? Which companies operate there? What are the latest trends?

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One Pager

Get all the information on Jaaz Portal on one page of paper. Do not miss this investment opportunity.

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Competition Analyst

There are not too many software houses working on the web hosting area. Get all necessary information on our competition.
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Business Canvas

Check out the Jaaz Portal Ltd. business model and make your investment decision today! Become familiar with our partners, activities, cost structure, and more besides, as illustrated on our complete Business Model Canvas.

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Jaaz Alliance

Already acting on the web hosting stage? Thinking about expanding your business to the mass market? Do not wait! Join the Jaaz Alliance today!
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Meet Us

Join Jaaz Portal Limited during the InnoShare 2018 conference that will be held in Warsaw, Poland on June 27-29.

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Past Events

To receive our Pitch Deck and the Business Plan please contact us!

About Us

Jaaz Portal aims to be wix.com like web hosting solution licensed also as Open Source.

Contact Details

Telephone:+44 2039 0554 98
Email: info@jaaz.co.uk
Website: jaaz.co.uk

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In next four years there will be 26 millions new web sites. To be profitable we need to capture 0.067% of the market.