Welcome to Jaaz Portal!

In the modern days of new emerging technologies it is hard to follow the latest trends but it is not the only problem You could have if You would want a professional web site. Usually You need to hire true army of people.

For these reasons Jaaz company has created a new product called Jaaz Portal that is a highly integrated portal and web hosting service dedicated for average and unskilled users of social networks.

Still we are not Yet Another Web Hosting Company. Beside offering our product to end-users we will be licensing it to small businesses, also as the Open Source, so together we will be able to stand up against Internet Giants.

Seed Invest

Over the next four years, 26 000 000 new websites will be created. While it is true that this is a crowded market, we are going to be one step ahead of the pack by offering our solution as the go-to product for third parties.

Invest £150 000 and receive an 18.2% share in the company’s future. Eligible for EIS/SEIS tax relief.
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Our product will be available in three editions: Personal, Community and Business accomplished by the Free one - that will be an Open Source.

Meet Us!

We are inviting You to meet us during our participation in the Forum EURUS 2017 in Zurich. Meet us there and receive -35% discount on the whole event!

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Latest Press Release

Business Plan

(London, 7 August 2017) Jaaz Portal Ltd. has published the final version of its Business Plan. The company is aiming for a total investment of £154 000, with a predicted Return on Investment of 128%.